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Loaded Glazed Donuts Ejuice is Rated The Best Donuts Ejuice

Loaded Eliquid has turned their manufacturing facility in West Covina, Californiainto a top-rated vape juice brand on one of the internet’s most popular online vape store.

Through hard work, and dedication Loaded E-liquid were able to garner a 5-star rating on several e-juice review websites, with rave reviews from customers who couldn’t get enough of their delicious Loaded Glazed Donuts all-day-vape dessert vape juice.

Loaded Eliquid in collaboration with Ruthless Vapor makes it a priority to engage with their customers, listening to feedback — both positive and negative — and even asking for their opinions on new recipes that may come available in the near future.

Ruthless Vapor relationships that they make with her customers, if it’s a bad or good review, there is generally some sort of dialogue that they try to engage with the end user, whether it’s at vape shops or direct on Instagram with the end users. Using that feedback to better our products or better our service.

A prime example of the vape community dialogue is that this is the first year in making donut flavored dessert e-liquid, simply because they had an overwhelming number of vaper request for it.

You can’t have a successful vape juice without delicious flavor e-liquid. Ruthless Vapor also attribute some of their success and high reviews to the other brands they

produce. The manufacturer is known for having unique flavor profiles that aren’t available by other vendors, with some of their most popular items like Apple Candy (Ruthless Swamp Thang), Banana Nut Bread with Cinnamon, Grape Candy infused with Grape Soda (Ruthless Grape Drank), Pineapple Guava, Lychee Mango (Ruthless Vapor Rise and Ruthless Rise on Ice), and Strawberry Watermelons.


Bringing quality dessert and fruit flavored vape juice at a decent price definitely plays a role in it, Ruthless Vapor now blends tropical flavors into desserts the e-liquid manufacture stand out.

Headquartered in West Covina, California, the company will be featuring their products at ECC 2016 Expo, the 3-day vape industry event will be held this year at the Santa Anita Park on December 3rd thru December 5th, 2016

Ruthless Vapor and Loaded E-Liquid are looking to make the most of this vape expo, for themselves and for vapers who attend.

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